My Goal: To Add Value & Create Awareness

Welcome to the Bitcoin Dentist - Your Dental & Sleep Partner for the Bitcoin Community!

As Australia’s first Bitcoin Dentist, I am committed to supporting Australian Bitcoiners in achieving optimal dental and sleep health through low time preference planning.

Here’s how I can assist you:

  1. TeleHealth or Over-the-Phone Dental Advice for Australian Bitcoiners: Call me on 0400695329 for personalised dental guidance without any bias or obligation. Lightning Sat tips welcome 😅
  2. Tailored Solutions for Sleep Issues: Discover proven, customised remedies for broken sleep, fatigue, snoring, sleep apnea, and explore alternatives to CPAP Machines.
  3. Long-Term Dental Health Solutions. Visit one of the 5 practices I own, currently spanning across NSW and TAS, for comprehensive and enduring dental care.
  4. Bitcoin Discounts for Quality Care: Embrace the future of payments by enjoying exclusive discounts when you pay with Bitcoin. (Even though I usually dislike discounting, this is my way of supporting the Bitcoin community.)
Join me on the journey to a healthier smile and a better sleep – where Bitcoin and wellness seamlessly intersect!

Bitcoin represents 8 Key values that resonate with me:

1. Truth
2. Honesty
3. Verifiability
4. Optimism

5. Equality
6. Autonomy
7. Access
8. Low Time Preference Vision

In my opinion Bitcoin is far more than just money. It is my opinion that Bitcoin will liberate humanity by allowing us to reclaim the time we have earned that doesn’t suffer from the control of centralised currencies.  All Bitcoiners are aware that it’s mainstream criticism narratives stems from self serving biases and a misunderstanding about what Bitcoin really is. Australia’s Bitcoin Dentist should not in any way be constituted as providing financial advice. 

For those that would like to educate themselves about what Bitcoin actually is and what it represents for humanity, I always recommend doing your own research and consider studying the following:
Now that we have that out of the way….

Favourite Quote: "Bitcoin is time"

Contact Me

The Bitcoin Dentist – Dr Daniel Craig Hetrelezis
Tasmania & NSW

Instagram: @drdanielcraig
Twitter: btcdentistaus


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