My Background and Credentials
Dental & Bitcoin

Proof of Work Personal Bitcoin Background & Acheivements

  • Provide 30+ of my staff the option of being paid in Bitcoin
  • Company Treasury with Bitcoin allocation on Non-Custodial Multisig with BTC Advisor
  • Personal Treasury with Single Sig
  • Experience with hardware wallets such as Ledger, BitBox, Blockstream Jade, Cold Card
  • Raspberry pi/Raspiblitz node-runner
  • Travelled to El Salvador in 2022
  • Graduated Bitcoin Class of 2018
  • Bitcoin maximilast
  • Relentless Orange Piller
  • Twitter account followed by Jeff Booth, Samson Mow, Tomer Strolight, Ryan Dinse, Greg Foss, Lawrence Lepard, Chris Pavlesvic, Luke Mikic
  • My most proud acheivement: Orange pilled my mother and became The Son of The Bitcoin Embroider

Educational Foundation:

  • Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Monash) – 2010
  • Doctor of Dental Surgery (University of Melbourne) – 2014 – (9+ years experience practising)

Proven Track Record:

  • Lead a team of dozens of oral health clinicians on world class Dentistry and many support staff
  • Founded and cultivated a scratch start  dental practice from the ground up in 2015, 
  • Now thriving, boasting a robust patient base of over 8000 individuals with negligible advertising and instead driven through word of mouth referrals. 
  • Click to see some of my smile transformations
  • Teacher and mentor for many other registered Dentists
Literary Contributions:
  • Accomplished multi-book author, contributing valuable insights to the dental field through three published works. My most notable contribution to dental literacy is “Communication for Successful Dentists”.

Media Recognition:

  • Featured in various media outlets for over five years, sharing expertise through non-paid appearances, showcasing a commitment to genuine education over promotional endeavors. Click to listen

Endorsement by Satisfied Patients:

  • Garnering the majority of referrals through word of mouth and negligible advertising, a testament to the quality of care and trust instilled in the community.
  • Since 2015, a mentor (not a big brother) for hundreds of teenage men and men in their 20’s to become the best version of themselves by making them accountable, setting big goals and being tough on them.
  • Volunteer dental work in Timor
Entrust your dental well-being to a seasoned professional with a rich background and a commitment to excellence. Choose me for a blend of expertise, entrepreneurship, and a genuine passion for promoting oral health.
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